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Need to buy Stevia? Contact Green Leaf!

If you have decided to give up sugar, but still want something sweet to eat, there is an alternative! Green Leaf’s natural sweetener – sweet stevia – is one of the most popular options.

Because of the oversaturation of the body with carbohydrates, excess weight appears, there is a risk of developing diabetes mellitus, caries, and cardiovascular diseases, deterioration of the condition of the mucous membranes and skin. If you want to avoid health problems, you can buy a sweetener, but your best bet is to purchase the natural sweetener – sweet stevia – from the Green Leaf online store. Our products are not harmful to health, and they do not taste bitter, and there is no unpleasant aftertaste.

Why buy sweet stevia?

Stevia is a herb from the Asteraceae family native to South America. The valuable properties of the plant were first described by the scientist Stevus, after whose name the herb was later named. It contains no calories and is 250-350 times sweeter than regular sugar. There are no toxic substances in it, and the steviol glycosides in the leaves provide a sweet taste.

It is also worth buying a sweetener because of the low glycemic index, which is zero in the sweet herb and has no effect on blood glucose levels. It can be added to food and drinks for people with diabetes, people with cardiovascular diseases, ischemia, pancreatic pathologies.

Who needs to buy a sweetener?

Proper nutrition is recommended not only to people with pathologies. Natural stevia is recommended for those people who:

  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle. We are talking about physical activity and proper nutrition. Sports activities, refusal of fatty, fried, sweet foods have a positive effect on well-being. In this case, you don’t need to follow a strict diet and avoid sweet dishes.
  2. Keep track of weight and want to be slimmer. Stevia contains no calories and reduces hunger, normalizes metabolic processes, and helps break down fats. Substances in its composition increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin, thereby stimulating the production of lipoprotein lipase, which dissolves fats in the body.
  3. Love sweets and cannot live without them. For example, children and pregnant women. The herb extract has no contraindications, so sweets with stevia can be given to babies after consulting a doctor. Indeed, in addition to sweet taste, stevia increases the child’s immunity and the body’s resistance to infectious diseases. Scientists have also studied the benefits and harms of stevia during pregnancy, and the results have proven that it is entirely safe.
  4. Suffer from increased swelling. You can buy stevia sweetener and use it as a diuretic. Thus, the body will get rid of excess fluid, which, while accumulating, becomes the cause of fatigue, high blood pressure, and disruption of the digestive system.

Stevia is also worth purchasing for people with diabetes. But when buying sugar substitutes for diabetics, it is important to remember about individual tolerance.

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Ways you can use stevia in cooking

Stevia is widely used in cooking – for making jams, preserves, compotes, baked goods because its taste is preserved even at a temperature of 2500 degrees Celsius. In this case, 1 tsp. of Green Leaf sweet stevia replaces one spoon of sugar, and the ready dish tastes the same.

Simple recipes for a sweet tooth for every day are presented in the chart:

Dish name The procedure of cooking
Curd pancakes Mix 400 g of cottage cheese, one egg, 3-4 tablespoons of flour, add sweet stevia to your taste. Sprinkle flour on a tray, form curds. Fry in butter over medium heat until tender.
Viburnum tea (other berries can be used) Wash 10 g of berries thoroughly, fold in a cup, crush a little. Pour 200 ml of boiling water, stir, allow to infuse. Add sweet stevia (the number of spoons can be different).
Mulled wine Prepare in a saucepan a decoction of spices for mulled wine on water (200 ml). Add wine (500 ml), one sliced orange, Green Leaf sweet stevia with cinnamon to taste. Heat the mixture, stirring to 80 degrees. Remove it from the stove, leave for a couple of minutes.

Where to buy stevia in Ukraine?

Our Green Leaf company creates sweeteners from natural ingredients. In addition to the classic sweet stevia 1: 1, you can buy mixes of sweet stevia with cinnamon, vanilla, sweet stevia in a 1: 4 concentration, and you can also buy erythritol, a non-carbohydrate sweetener with a cooling effect and a zero glycemic index. In the production of sweeteners, we use the exclusive Harmonix technology, thanks to which stevia does not taste bitter and does not have an aftertaste. We provide our products to private customers and large producers of healthy food. By contacting us, you get the following:

  • a wide range of quality ingredients;
  • prompt execution of the order and fast delivery throughout Ukraine, the possibility of self-pickup;
  • convenient payment method – cash or credit card.

To get the necessary information about the product, to order and buy the stevia sweetener in Ukraine, call us or fill out the form on the company’s website. Our manager will contact you and clarify all the details of the purchase.