Stevia vs Erythritol – Which Is Better?

Erythritol and stevia are natural sweeteners that are gaining popularity. Today, a healthy lifestyle is quite trendy, and many people prefer these products instead of regular sugar. But often fans of proper nutrition wonder which is better: stevia or erythritol. Both products are healthy for the body and have many similar properties. Our company has been producing these sweeteners since 2018 and today we will tell you what characteristics these products have, how they differ from each other and what is better to choose: erythritol or stevia.

What is stevia?

Green Leaf stevia is made from the leaves of the herb of the same name from the family Asteraceae, popularly called honey grass because of its sweetness. It has been present in the food industry since 1971. In its pure form, honey grass is 250-350 times sweeter than sugar, but we have learned how to make a product similar to sugar from it.

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The sweetness of the plant is given by steviol glycosides contained in the leaves. They are extracted from honey grass to produce the sweetener. The leaves are heat-treated, as a result of which steviol glycosides are released, crystallized and turned into a delicious sweetener. We do not add any synthetic substances, so our stevia is absolutely safe for health. It is approved for use even by children, pregnant and lactating women, as well as by diabetics.

A few years ago, skeptics argued that the sweetener contains carcinogens and can cause irreparable damage to health. The harms and benefits of stevia have been studied for years, as a result of which more than 200 tests confirmed that this is a delusion, and the sweetener has taken its rightful place in the “sweet” market.

Green Leaf stevia has a rich composition, due to which it has a beneficial effect on almost all body systems. It contains:

  • vitamins of the B, A, E, P groups;
  • minerals;
  • essential oils;
  • flavonoids;
  • cellulose;
  • tannins.

It is interesting to know that stevia is the leading sweetener in Japan, and is also included in the diet of American soldiers.

The only drawback of the sweetener is a bitter aftertaste. However, we managed to eliminate it with the help of the innovative Harmonix technology. Our stevia does not differ from sugar and does not change the taste of cooked dishes. In addition, it does not become toxic when heated.

Features of erythritol

Like stevia, erythritol is produced from raw materials of natural origin. It is extracted from corn cobs by the fermentation of carbohydrates. Also in nature, it is found in pears, grapes, plums, melons and other fruits. We do not use GMOs, gluten, flavorings and other additives, so Green Leaf erythritol has no contraindications or side effects. On the contrary, its composition only has a positive effect on health.

In 1999, the Joint Committee of Experts on Food Additives of the European Union conducted a study that confirmed the safety of erythritol. The sweetener was recognized as suitable for all categories of people and one that has no restrictions on use.

In appearance, Green Leaf erythritol resembles sugar – it has the form of a white crystalline powder. After consuming it, you will have a pleasant cool aftertaste. The sweetness ratio of erythritol in relation to sugar is 0.6-0.7. This means that to replace 100 g of the regular product, 120-140 g of our sweetener will be required.

What to choose: stevia or erythritol?

As you can see, stevia and erythritol are very similar in their properties and effects on the body, so we cannot claim that one of them is better than the other. All Green Leaf products have the following properties:

  1. They help you eat your favorite sweets and stay in shape, as they do not contain calories.
  2. They make it possible to lose weight without exhausting diets and starvation.
  3. They cannot increase blood glucose levels due to the zero glycemic index, which makes them ideal sugar substitutes for diabetics.
  4. They give the opportunity to diversify the diet menu for pregnant and lactating women without harm to themselves and the child.
  5. They strengthen tooth enamel and prevent caries.
  6. They help to stay beautiful, because they have a positive effect on the condition of hair, skin and nails.
  7. They can be used both in hot dishes and drinks, and in cold ones, because they withstand high temperatures, dissolve well in water and do not change the taste.
  8. They strengthen the immune system, help to resist a variety of viral and infectious diseases.
  9. They have European ISO quality certificates, which once again confirms their safety.
  10. They are hypoallergenic, so they can be used by people of any age and even those who have intolerance to certain foods.

The main difference between stevia and erythritol is the aftertaste. In erythritol it is cool menthol, in stevia there is none. Another difference is the sweetness of the two products. To replace sugar with stevia sweetener, you will need the same amount or 4 times less (depending on the concentration), while you will have to add a little more erythritol.

Where to buy erythritol and stevia?

Whatever Green Leaf sweetener you choose, you can get acquainted with it in more detail in the “Shop” section. Our assortment offers erythritol and stevia in different forms of release and packaging – there are both liquid extracts in large containers for confectionery manufacturers, and small convenient sachets that contain a single dose of sweetener.

To buy stevia or erythritol from Green Leaf, just fill out the online form on our website or call the specified phone numbers. We promptly process all orders and deliver orders throughout Ukraine.

We also offer free samples of Green Leaf products. Now the offer is valid not only for confectionery manufacturers, but also for all consumers. To use it, just fill out and send us a short questionnaire. You can learn more about the conditions of the promotion in the corresponding section of our website.

Make your choice right now and enjoy yummies with health benefits! And if it’s hard to decide, you can purchase a set of several types of sweeteners and taste each of them.

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