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Keto Diet – Right Menu For Healthy Nutrition

The ketogenic diet is a special diet that helps lose weight without grueling starvation. It means the minimum amount of carbohydrates in the diet. Such products form the basis of nutrition (about 80-90% of the total food consumed). For such a diet to give the desired result, it is necessary to make a keto diet menu competently. Our material will discuss all the features and nuances of dietary food.

The Essence And Basic Principles Of The Diet Menu

The Keto diet involves recipes for proper nutrition, which help achieve a certain balance of substances that enter the body with food. Gradually, you need to make the diet look like this:

  • fats – 60-70%;
  • proteins – 20-30%;
  • carbohydrates – no more than 10-20%.

A person who eats according to the keto diet menu must almost completely give up foods high in carbohydrates. Otherwise, you will not achieve the desired results. It is forbidden to eat:

  • most fruits;
  • seeds and pots of beans;
  • cereals and everything else that contains starch;
  • sauces, beverages, and other sugar-contain additives;
  • packaged juices;
  • alcohol products.

As a result of this diet, the body goes into a unique state called ketosis. It begins because of the carbohydrate starvation of cells. The body tries to replenish energy due to the supply of ketone cells. The result is the breakdown of fat deposits, which promotes weight loss.

Keto Diet Menu For 7 Days: The Best Options

It is worth paying close attention to the menu to make the ketogenic diet as effective and varied as possible. If you approach the issue wisely and competently compose a weekly menu, your diet will be not only helpful but also incredibly tasty.

The weekly keto diet menu for women and men is no different. We present to your attention the most exciting and universal options. You can combine them, add your dishes, and choose what you like best.


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
The first option  scrambled eggs with ham burger with cream cheese, mushrooms, avocado, and arugula (without buns) fried chicken fillet with mushrooms in a sauce, for example, cheese sauce
The second option  pudding made from chia seeds and cashew nuts in coconut milk with the addition of vanilla sweet stevia  turkey fillet, white mushroom, and asparagus meatballs with parmesan or cheddar
The third option  omelet with mushrooms vegetable puree soup, pork steak  stewed rabbit with sauerkraut
The fourth option  scrambled eggs (quail eggs) with cress and leeks stewed chicken with cabbage, mushrooms, and sesame seeds  salmon and asparagus 

You can eat 50 g of seeds or nuts (preferably almonds) as a snack.


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
The first option  omelet with mushrooms salad of white fish, celery, tomatoes, and leeks turkey with cream sauce, stewed cabbage
The second option salmon baked in the oven with cherry tomatoes or olives borscht (beet soup) with sour cream, baked veal ribs, stewed zucchini  fried cheese
The third option  sweet cheesecakes with stevia Green Leaf fried fish with a vegetable salad  stewed turkey fillet, boiled broccoli
The fourth option omelet with basil. You can add goat cheese milkshake (mix almond milk, peanut butter, cocoa, and stevia) baked chicken legs, and vegetables

The cheese will help overcome hunger during the day. Eating 3-5 olives a couple of times a day is also permissible.


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
The first option peppers stuffed with a mix of eggs and cheese salad (boiled turkey, blue cheese, hard-boiled eggs, arugula, avocado)  grilled salmon and spinach stewed in coconut oil
The second option scrambled eggs with bacon  vegetables and grilled steak  cottage cheese and sour cream with 9% and 20% fat with adding stevia
The third option  sausage with tempura cauliflower or stewed zucchini  vegetable cream soup and cream cheese, pork chop  white fish with onions, feta, and tomato salad 
The fourth option  green smoothie with spirulina and chia seeds, slicing cheese and ham  seafood salad with avocado pork chops with parmesan, broccoli, and lettuce 

Cashews, boiled chicken eggs, and cucumbers are perfect for a snack.


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
The first option  two sausages with zucchini caviar salad of greens, eggs, avocado, cheese, and turkey chicken curry in coconut milk 
The second option  cheesecakes with sweet stevia and 20% fat sour cream  chicken liver in cream sauce, brussels sprouts  Greek salad 
The third option  scrambled eggs with tomatoes and bacon  weak borscht, baked chicken fillet with mustard and olive oil, salad with Chinese cabbage and cucumbers  seafood salad with tempura fish
The fourth option steak, quail eggs, and baby spinach  burger without buns with salsa, cheese, and guacamole  broth with spinach tortillas

Avocado, green, and 1/2 apple smoothies will help to cope with hunger between meals. It is also permissible to have a snack of tempura cauliflower.


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
The first option avocado and egg casserole  Cesar salad with chicken meat chops and vegetables
The second option omelet with ham and cream cheese  beef azu with broccoli  Caesar salad (no crackers)
The third option  curd casserole with Green Leaf erythritol  beef borsch, fried eggplant, tomato  julienne with mushrooms and chicken, cucumber 
The fourth option  sugar-free yogurt with the peanut paste and cocoa powder fried meat with vegetables  canned tuna, cucumber, and olive salad with lemon 

A boiled egg or yogurt will be your Friday snack.


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
The first option  cauliflower, avocado, cheddar cheese  salmon in pesto sauce  zucchini noodles with meatballs and parmesan
The second option  baked mushrooms with cheese “hat”  beef fried in coconut oil with vegetable  cottage cheese, milk sour drink
The third option  salad with chicken and vegetables, topped with sour cream  fish soup, roasted veal, salad (cheese, avocado, Chinese cabbage, cucumber)  stewed pork ribs and zucchini caviar 
The third option cottage cheese 9%, sour cream 20% with stevia to taste classic guacamole with spinach and salsa (you can eat nuts after meal)  eggs and spinach cooked in coconut oil, any

white fish

On the sixth day of the diet, you can drink a protein shake instead of a snack. If you still want to eat something, take kiwi or nuts. 


Breakfast Lunch Dinner
The first option  keto porridge (made from chia seeds, hemp seeds, flaxseed flour, and coconut flakes, slightly toasted), you can add pecans, berries, and stevia with cinnamon rice with steak and brussels sprouts, dill/parsley fish meatballs with cream sauce
The second option  boiled egg, 1/2 avocado, salted fish  roasted salmon steak, and vegetable salad  pork chops fried in coconut oil, stewed green beans 
The third option  omelet with ham and sweet peppers  chicken soup, beef chop, cucumber  fried cod with Chinese cabbage 
The fourth option  omelet with avocado, salsa, sweet pepper, onion, and spices  fish soup with pumpkin and fried tomatoes  stuffed chicken with Philadelphia and pesto, and vegetables 

You can cook scrambled eggs or drink some saur milk with greens.

Can You Eat Sweets?

Given that the use of sugar-containing foods in the keto diet menu is strictly prohibited, not everyone will decide to switch to such a diet. But if you have a sweet tooth, consider this alternative – natural sweetener stevia, purchased directly on our website. It contains only ingredients of natural origin and will not cause any harm to the body. On the contrary, stevia helps to:

  • lose weight due to zero calories;
  • restore strength and relieve fatigue;
  • normalize blood pressure;
  • prevent peaks in blood glucose levels due to zero glycemic index;
  • strengthen tooth enamel;
  • boost the immune system.

Sweet stevia is suitable for regular adding to drinks (cold and hot), pastries, sauces, yogurts, and other dishes. It will be an excellent solution for those who want to diversify their diet menu.

To order a beneficial sweetener, go to the “Shop” section and get acquainted with our products. We present stevia and erythritol in different packaging. Place your order now and make your life sweeter! And if you still have questions, you can ask them to our manager.

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