Chumak has developed a unique natural zero-calorie sweetener, 1:1 to sugar

Kakhovka, October 30, 2018 – Chumak Company has developed a unique consumer product, Sweet Stevia Green Leaf in crystals, for the fans of healthy nutrition in Ukraine.
Sweet Stevia is a product of natural origin, with zero caloric content, it does not increase blood sugar and at the same time it tastes just like regular sugar. Sweet Stevia contains an organic compound from corn fermentation and natural stevia extract Green Leaf.
Sweet Stevia Green Leaf is available in sticks, for lovers of sweetened hot beverages, and in a larger package of 300 g. Soon consumers will be able to buy Sweet Stevia in major grocery chains. It is already available at Novus stores and it will arrive at ATB stores in November 2018. Furthermore, Sweet Stevia Green Leaf can be purchased through website.
This unique product has multiple applications in HoReCa segment, in recipes of bakery, confectionery and beverages, because it is very similar to regular sugar in terms of usage, appearance and sweetness. The novel Sweet Stevia opens up new business opportunities in B2C market.
More information about the breakthrough technologies in natural alternatives to sugar by Chumak Company’s Green Leaf project is available at

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