GREEN LEAF Erythritol 500g

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195 UAH

Erythritol is a 100% natural sweetener. It contains no calories and has a zero glycemic index.
Erythritol is obtained from corn. Under natural conditions, it is also found in some fruits, such as melons, pears, grapes.
Suitable for those who lead a healthy lifestyle, follow a diet, and monitor the figure. Safe for diabetics. Does not cause tooth decay.
The coefficient of the sweetness of erythritol in relation to sugar is 0.6 to 0.7. Therefore, to replace 100 g of sugar, you need 120-140 g of erythritol.
Ideal for making drinks and baking.



natural sweetener – erythritol (a natural product of corn fermentation)

Shelf life:

36 months

Nutrition Facts:

Energy value 0,0 kJ
0,0 kcal
Total Fat 0,0 g
Saturated Fat 0,0 g
Total Carbohydrate 0,0 g
Sugars 0,0 g
Protein 0,0 g
Sodium 0,0 g

Erythritol: the choice of people leading a healthy lifestyle

Faced with the problem of diabetes, obesity and other disorders of this kind, people start thinking about reducing the amount of sugar in their lives. And in some cases, it may be needed to eliminate it from the diet completely. But what if the desire to eat sweets exceeds the desire to be healthy and fit? In this case, natural sweeteners come to the rescue. Today there are several types of such organic compounds, for example, erythritol, stevia, xylitol. All of them are completely safe for the body and, if used correctly, do not cause side effects.

What is erythritol?

To understand the benefits and dangers of natural sweeteners, it is necessary to thoroughly study their nature of origin and the effect that they produce on the human body.

Erythritol is a natural sweetener that acts as an alternative to sugar. It is a white granular powder. The substance is highly soluble in water and is not susceptible to high temperatures, making it ideal for baking. Erythritol belongs to the polyhydric alcohols that are often used in the food industry. The person is unable to digest it. Once in the body, the sweetener passes through the entire digestive system and remains almost unchanged. Thus, the possibility of a negative effect from eating it is completely excluded.

Erythritol is found in:

  • pear;
  • melon;
  • pistachios;
  • strawberries;
  • watermelon.

Today, many companies have opened the production of healthy sweets and are looking to buy erythritol for production. Its calorie content is zero, and its taste is not inferior to the usual harmful sugar.

Benefits of this sweetener

The main benefits of erythritol include the following:

  • completely natural composition, which excludes possible negative consequences of use;
  • it does not provoke an increase in blood glucose and is considered an excellent sugar substitute for diabetics due to its zero glycemic index;
  • it prevents pathogenic bacteria from developing on the teeth, therefore does not cause caries;
  • it does not have carcinogenic properties;
  • it has zero calories, therefore, helps in the fight against excess weight and is allowed during a diet;
  • it has a nice taste which is indistinguishable from sugar.

Unlike many other sweeteners, Green Leaf Erythritol does not cause any digestive problems. This is due to the fact that it is not absorbed but is completely excreted in the urine or becomes food for bacteria. According to research data, more than 90% of erythritol leaves the human body without staying in it. Scientists have confirmed that the sweetener does not lead to negative consequences from its constant use.


Another natural and completely safe sweetener is stevia. People call it a honey herb. In many countries, the leaves of this plant are used for medicinal purposes, and tea is made from them. This alternative to classic sugar is 250-350 times higher in sweetness, but it does not affect the increase in blood glucose levels.

Stevia has properties similar to erythritol. It is also safe for diabetics and allowed for those who stick to diets. It is used mainly for sweetening drinks, baked goods. In the Green Leaf online store, you can find sweet stevia in various concentrations, as well as diverse flavors such as vanilla and cinnamon.

Where to buy erythritol in Ukraine?

You can buy erythritol or stevia in the Green Leaf online store, as well as in some stores in Ukraine. Our team promotes healthy lifestyles and helps people enjoy delicious natural products. Most of the company’s products do not contain calories at all. Moreover, their taste does not differ from their harmful counterparts. The sweeteners do not taste bitter or leave an aftertaste due to the use of Harmonix technology in the production.

Having studied the benefits and harms of stevia and erythritol, scientists are unambiguously inclined to believe that these substances have a great future in the field of food production. They are safe for children and pregnant women. More than 200 studies have verified their positive effects. And you can try them personally right now by calling us or filling out the online form for placing an order. We deliver goods on a daily basis.

Green Leaf products are chosen by:

  • people who lead a healthy lifestyle;
  • those who monitor their figure and seek to lose excess weight;
  • people with diabetes;
  • sweet tooth of all ages.

We provide an opportunity to wholesale stevia. Such an offer will interest technologists and specialists who are engaged in the production of natural products and take care of the health of customers. After all, buying stevia or erythritol from Green Leaf means making an investment in a healthy future.

What is the difference between erythritol and stevia?

Erythritol is extracted from corn cobs, while stevia is extracted from the leaves of the grass of the same name (popularly called honey grass). This is the main difference between these sweeteners. Besides, they differ in sweetness. The sweetness coefficient of Green Leaf erythritol in relation to sugar is 0.6-0.7, that is, 120-140 g of sweetener is required to substitute for 100 g of sugar. Green Leaf sweet stevia is either identical in sweetness to sugar or 4 times sweeter than it. That is, this product must be used either in the same amount as sugar, or 4 times less.

Why is erythritol better than sugar?

Unlike sugar, erythritol does not contain substances that can be harmful to health. It has a zero glycemic index, so it is approved for use in diabetes. Besides, it does not contain calories, which helps to lose weight without giving up sweets. Moreover, erythritol is safe for teeth, as it not only does not cause caries, but also strengthens tooth enamel.

Which is sweeter: erythritol or sugar?

Sugar is sweeter. The sweetness coefficient of erythritol in relation to sugar is 0.6-0.7. To substitute for 100 g of sugar, you need 120-140 g of erythritol.

How much erythritol is needed to substitute for sugar?

Instead of 100 g of sugar, you will need about 120-140 g of this sweetener. The sweetness coefficient of erythritol in relation to ordinary sugar is 0.6-0.7.

Can erythritol be used in baking?

Erythritol is a great choice for home baking. It does not become toxic when heated and does not change the taste of the dish. Erythritol is available in the form of a crystalline powder, so it is convenient to use.

How much erythritol can be consumed per day?

Erythritol is a completely natural sweetener that is not capable of harming the body, so there are no strong restrictions on its use. Erythritol can be used on an ongoing basis by adding it to hot drinks, homemade cakes and other dishes. The optimal dosage is 45 g per day. Some experts recommend keeping to this dosage.