Proper Nutrition: 6 Interesting Facts

Everyone has surely heard about proper nutrition, which has now gained more popularity than ever. However, healthy food is not only fashionable, but also useful. Such products help to lose weight, prevent the development of many diseases, allow you not to follow exhausting diets and remain beautiful. Many nutritionists, cosmetologists and doctors deal with healthy eating. They are developing more and more new recipes and diets, and we have collected for you the most interesting facts about proper nutrition and healthy sweets.

Interesting Facts About Healthy Eating You Didn’t Know

Sometimes it seems that everything is already known about healthy eating, but we are sure that we can surprise you. So, following are 6 interesting facts about proper nutrition:

  1. Saturation occurs only after 20 minutes of eating food. Scientists have proven that this is precisely the time period that is necessary for a person to satisfy his hunger. If you eat lunch in 5-10 minutes, psychological satiety will not come and in an hour you will be hungry again. In addition, eating very quickly, you can easily overeat, as the body does not have time to signal an “overload”.
  2. Everyone has heard that you shouldn’t eat after 6 pm. But few people know that this fact applies only to “larks” – people who go to bed early. Those who choose proper nutrition are not recommended to eat later than 3 hours before bedtime. That is, if you go to bed at 11 pm, a snack at 8 pm will not do you any harm.
  3. If you choose between freshly squeezed juice and fruit, you should give preference to the latter. Juices are great for a quick “recharge”, but the fiber you need to cleanse your body stays in the juicer.
  4. If you think that citrus fruits contain the largest amount of vitamin C, you are mistaken. There are many products in which ascorbic acid is present in the same or even greater quantities – for example, in blackcurrant, sea buckthorn, sweet pepper, white cabbage.
  5. Healthy food doesn’t have to be freshly prepared. Many dishes do not lose their properties after being stored in the refrigerator for a day. For example, meatballs or cabbage soup only get tastier and healthier.
  6. The most interesting fact about healthy eating is that such a diet does not mean giving up sweets. The main thing is to choose the “right” ingredients for sweet dishes. We will tell you further how to eat your favorite sweets and stay healthy.

Are proper nutrition and the “sweet” life compatible?

There is an opinion that starting to eat healthy, a person will have to completely give up sweets. But what about an inveterate sweet tooth? There is a way out! These are Green Leaf natural sweeteners. Our stevia and erythritol are 100% plant-derived, so they are healthy and can even help you lose weight. In addition, Green Leaf sweeteners are excellent sugar substitutes for diabetics because they have a zero glycemic index and do not increase blood glucose levels.

підсолоджувачі Green Leaf

Besides, stevia and erythritol:

  • Have zero or reduced calories. With our sweeteners it is impossible to gain extra pounds.
  • Do not contain gluten and GMOs. Erythritol and stevia can be consumed during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Our sweeteners are allowed even for the smallest sweet eaters.

Moreover, Green Leaf erythritol and stevia do not change the taste of food and drinks. Due to innovative techniques, in particular, Harmonix technology, which allowed us to remove the bitter aftertaste of stevia, our sweeteners become almost complete analogues of sugar. Sweet dishes taste the same as those containing a regular product, only many times more useful.

Benefits of Green Leaf Stevia

The benefits and harms of stevia have been researched for years. Today, no one has any doubts that the use of a natural sweetener does not have any side effects. The only exception may be individual intolerance, but this applies to all kinds of food and such cases are very rare.

Some of the health benefits of sweet stevia include:

  • strengthening tooth enamel, preventing the development of caries;
  • improving immunity;
  • lowering blood pressure, therefore suitable for hypertensive patients;
  • improving the condition of skin and hair;
  • helping to restore strength after a hard day and physical exertion;
  • fighting edema;
  • restoring intestinal microflora after infectious diseases;
  • lowering cholesterol levels.

Beside that, stevia also helps to normalize metabolic processes, increases the efficiency of the liver and stimulates mental activity.

You can buy stevia or erythritol directly on our website by adding the product to the “Cart”. If necessary, our manager will advise you on all possible questions and help you place an order. Stay tuned and learn new facts about healthy nutrition and sweeteners while enjoying delicious and healthy sweets with Green Leaf products!

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