Set 13:

Green Leaf  Coconut caramel with sweet stevia DP 90g

Green Leaf Hexagonal waffle cakes without sugar 50g

Waffle cakes composition:
high-grade wheat flour, refined deodorized frozen sunflower oil, table salt, wheat fiber, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate.
May contain corn starch

Nutrition Facts: for 100g:
422 kcal
proteins – 10.6 g
fats – 9.3 g
carbohydrates – 71.9 g
fiber – 4.1 g

Set No. 13 Condensed milk 3 pcs.*90g + Green Leaf waffle cakes GREEN LEAF

Price: 171 UAH

to the Nova Poshta post office

Green Leaf Set No. 13 is an unsurpassed duet of Condensed milk and crispy waffle cakes without sugar.
The set provides a great opportunity to enjoy amazing flavors and at the same time save your choice in favor of healthy and lower calorie sweets.

The recipe for making unsurpassed cakes:
Grease 5 waffles with GREEN LEAF condensed milk.
You can make 7 cakes from this pack.

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