замінники цукру для діабетиків

Sugar substitutes for diabetics – which sweetener to choose?

According to the WHO, there are more than 422 million people in the world with diabetes of 1 and 2 types. This disease imposes many restrictions and becomes a “way of life” in some way. First of all, a patient needs a strict diet. Some types of food can be consumed in small quantities, while others are forbidden. And sweets are out of the question. But what to do if the patient is an incorrigible sweet tooth and cannot imagine his life without his favorite cookies and cakes? Sugar substitutes for diabetics come to the rescue. But are they all safe? Will they harm the body? Let’s look at the sweeteners that are suitable for people with diabetes, learn how to use them correctly, and where you can buy such products.

Diabetes: what is it, and how to recognize it?

Diabetes is a fairly common disease of the endocrine system nowadays. The main reason for its occurrence is a lack of insulin. It is characterized by a metabolic disorder, in particular, carbohydrates.

A number of factors can lead to the development of the disease:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • obesity;
  • diseases of the pancreas;
  • some viral infections;
  • age;
  • constant stress.

To diagnose diabetes, it is necessary to conduct laboratory tests. To begin with, a person has to donate blood to analyze the level of sugar. If the result is more than 5.6 mmol/l, another study is prescribed – a glucose tolerance test. The need for further diagnosis and treatment will be determined by the doctor.

There is a number of symptoms that can also signal the development of diabetes. Here are the key signs to look out for:

  • increased urination and unquenchable thirst;
  • tingling and numbness of the extremities;
  • blurred vision;
  • frequent dizziness;
  • decreased sexual activity;
  • heaviness in the legs.

All symptoms together may not appear in a particular person. But if you notice at least a few signs, it is worth going through an examination.

Erythritol and stevia: great alternatives to sugar for people suffering from diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is not a sentence, and despite many prohibitions, you can live a full life even with this disease. But this includes the diet. The main problem lies in the fact that it is necessary to calculate the glycemic load. Each product has a glycemic index – a conditional indicator that determines the speed with which the carbohydrates contained in this product are absorbed by the body and increase blood glucose levels.


The glycemic index of ordinary white sugar is 70 units, so its use is highly undesirable, even in small quantities. And here, natural sweeteners come to the rescue, for example, stevia and Green Leaf erythritol, the benefits, and drawbacks of which in diabetes have been studied for decades. Our products are completely safe, so they cannot harm health.

To date, no one doubts the beneficial effect of natural sweeteners on the body. Scientists have confirmed that stevia and erythritol cannot harm health since they do not contain any synthetic substances, and the glycemic index is zero. In addition, these products have zero calorie content, so they will not add extra pounds either. For people with diabetes, this is also important since many of them are obese.

Buying stevia or another natural sweetener means living life to the fullest, indulging in your favorite treats. Such products are an excellent addition to pastries, hot and cold drinks, ice cream, sauces, and even marinades.

Stevia and erythritol will not bring any harm, but vice versa. Studies have confirmed that these sweeteners can do the following:

  • they are recommended for use by people suffering from high blood pressure;
  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels;
  • reducing the level of “bad” cholesterol;
  • improving the condition of the skin, nails, and hair;
  • increasing the immunity and tone of the body as a whole.

Natural sweeteners have no side effects, and only individual intolerance should be singled out as a contraindication, but such cases are very rare. Also, stevia and erythritol may be incompatible with some specific pharmacological preparations.

When a person does not suffer hardships, he is always in a good mood, and positive thinking is an important factor for those suffering from any disease. To indulge yourself with goodies even every day, you simply need to buy erythritol or stevia. You can do this right on our website by adding the desired product to the “Shopping Cart.” In addition, there is an opportunity to purchase our products in Ukrainian supermarkets we cooperate with. You can also find a complete list of them on our website. Choose the best sweetener and start a healthy and happy life today! Orders placed Monday to Friday before 4:00 pm are processed and shipped the same day.

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