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What is the safest sweetener?

Today the issue of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition is acute more than ever. The statistics are horrendous: according to data provided by the WHO, 1.9 billion people in the world are obese. Extra pounds not only spoil the body shape and attractive appearance, but can also provoke serious diseases, such as diabetes.

Not all of us are ready to give up sweets completely. But this is no longer required! We have learned how to make healthy sweeteners with which you can enjoy your favorite sweets and eat healthily. Today, there are many supplements that can be an alternative to sugar. Next, we will figure out the types of them and which sweetener is the safest one.

Types of sweeteners

Nowadays, there is a huge number of additives that can replace sugar. All of them are divided into two large groups – natural and synthetic. When it comes to safe sugar substitutes, the first category should be preferred. These sweeteners are made from natural ingredients and contain no chemicals. Usually, they do not cause adverse reactions and are allowed even for children and pregnant women, and can also be excellent sugar substitutes for diabetics.

The second group is made by chemical synthesis. It includes such popular sweeteners as aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin, and others. It is difficult to call them safe sugar substitutes because such additives can affect health negatively. Scientists have proven that the regular use of synthetic sweeteners can provoke the development of kidney disease and malignant tumors due to their toxicity.

натуральний підсолоджувач стевія

The best natural sweetener

Stevia is considered one of the healthiest natural sweeteners. It is obtained from the plant of the same name, which is popularly called honey grass. In its pure form, stevia is almost 400 times sweeter than sugar, but modern technologies that Green Leaf uses make it possible to produce sweeteners that are identical to sugar (in sweetness) or have a ratio of 1:4 (this means that one spoon of stevia can replace 4 spoons of sugar). Also, we use the innovative Harmonix technology in production, which helps eliminate the main and only drawback of honey grass – a bitter aftertaste.

Stevia is not only a useful but also a versatile sweetener. It can be safely used by the following categories of people:

  1. Overweight people. Stevia does not contain any calories, respectively, it will not add kilograms and will help in losing weight.
  2. Those who take care of their figure. With stevia, you can enjoy sweet pies, cookies, and ice cream.
  3. Patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. The glycemic index of the sweetener is zero. The product does not cause a sharp increase in blood glucose and insulin spikes. Accordingly, there is no threat to the health of a person suffering from this disease.
  4. Children. Due to the natural composition of stevia, it is allowed even for the smallest children.
  5. Pregnant and lactating women. Stevia is hypoallergenic, so both future and nursing mothers may not be afraid for their well-being and the health of the child.
  6. Everyone who maintains a healthy lifestyle does not want to deny small pleasures. This is the safest sweetener that suits every sweet tooth.

You can buy stevia right from our site. In the “Store” section there is an extensive range of products – sweet stevia in different packaging, a sweetener with cinnamon and vanilla, and stevia with sugar. Our novelty is a 250-gram stevia can, which can be used more than once.

What other safe sweeteners do exist?

In fact, there are many products of this type. The most popular are the following:

  1. Xylitol. It looks like sugar: white color and crystalline structure. It is mined from corn cobs and birch. It is useful for the oral cavity, as it prevents the development of harmful bacteria and the appearance of caries.
  2. Inulin. Although it is 10 times sweeter than sugar, the sweetener has low-calorie content and does not affect blood sugar. This is the ideal option for ladies who are fond of baking – 1 spoon of inulin replaces 1 spoon of sugar. Any confectionery takes on an airy and unique texture.
  3. Sucrose. This disaccharide is widespread in nature – it is found in sugarcane, many fruits and berries, and in sugar beets. The sweetener is broken down into glucose and fructose in the intestine and only then absorbed into the blood. This process occurs quite slowly, due to which insulin jumps are excluded.
  4. Erythritol. It is a relatively new representative of safe sweeteners in the Ukrainian market. It is made from corn and looks like a white granular powder. It is stable to high temperatures, so it is used mainly for baking and adding to hot drinks.

You can buy erythritol directly on our site, via adding goods to the “Shopping Cart.” Choose a safe sweetener to your liking and be healthy!

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